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You have just found Arizona's best kept secret for selling and buying Real Estate in Arizona!
Welcome to radio personality, consumer advocate and real estate expert Michael Poncher's powerful and proven method for marketing your property and getting your house SOLD.
3 years and 3000 properties later, our homeowners have saved over 225 million dollars in listing fees with over 2200 properties SOLD.
Why is the strategy so powerful? Let's do the math to start... on a $300,000 home, you pay:
with Michael Poncher                                 with other agent
to list                               $ 500                    7% commission when (optional) lockbox               $ 100                     sold no matter
as an example $300,000                                     where your
x .0034 negotiation fee        $1000                    buyer comes from!
*you could sell for TOTAL   $1600

IF agent brings
buyer (you set
commission) - 3%               $9000 
    TOTAL Cost          $10,600                   TOTAL Cost $21,000
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Attention Buyers-Save $Thousands when buying your next home. You find the house - we'll make the offer and give you 1/2 our commission!
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