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Yet another cutting edge marketing tool at your disposal!

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What Can You Do to Get Your Home Looked at by a Herd of panting Buyers? 


If you were thinking about standing in your yard naked, give it up, it won’t work, we’ve heard that some of our clients have already tried it… some of our clients are REALLY desperate!  But still no buyers, just lookers!


Now on to the real way to get a stampede of buyers! 


The facts that you need to know:  In the current real estate market in st1:City>Arizona there is 1 buyer for every 4 sellers who are on the market - any price range, any area.  Most houses in the MLS sell for 94 to 96% of their list price.  This is before paying 6%+/- in commissions AND after repeatedly lowering the price listing in the MLS.  Most people who sell state that they make more than 85% of where their price originally started after all is said in done.


So, with that said, how do we reach the same short deadline and expected high price for a sale that the owner has in mind – I want to sell in less than 30 days and make $ __X__ for my home. 


Some would think of the overused mantra of traditional agents, “Just lower the price?”  Does that mean a buyer will come and buy the home – absolutely not, just look at all the price reductions in the MLS!


Add “Owner Motivated” on the listing to foster buyer greed, offer bonuses to entice agents, advertise items of value to attract potential purchasers, or hold open houses with your bother-in-law dressed in a clown suit in the front yard to bring in a crowd?


None of these seem to be very effective.


The best thing that I can offer my clients who are just tired or do not want to wait any longer than necessary to get on with their life, is an option, and the best option we can offer is an Auction.  


How can an Auction help get a house SOLD?


Auctions set a deadline of when buyers should expect a particular home to be SOLD. An auction creates a competitive atmosphere that allows buyers to feel good about their decision to buy because others want it too.  An auction allows a buyer to see other potential buyers who also think the home is a wise buy.  In other words, it allows buyers to have positive reinforcement from the approval of others that “it is okay to go ahead and buy this home”. 


For the seller, it offers an opportunity to see qualified buyers who have interest in buying their house!  Hear what they have to say.  Isn’t that what all sellers want – someone to give them feedback about what they like and don’t like about the house?  Throughout the marketing process of an auction, the seller receives important feedback. 


At the auction, the sellers are seeing bidders (in a bidding war!) and receiving offers every time a bid is made.  During the auction the seller has the option of selling the house to any bidder who displays an interest to buy the home.  If the seller decides that he does not want to sell to the highest bidder, he doesn’t have to. 



What happens before and at the auction?


The marketing that promotes an auction works to elicit interest and then money from buyers who are attending open houses prior to the auction and on auction day.  Buyers who want to bid consult with a professional auction staff there to help train the buyer to pay only what they are willing to pay.  In essence each buyer has the opportunity to have their own auction staff member who places bids for them.  Bidders who are not at the auction, but have proven themselves qualified to purchase the property are able to place phone bids through auction staff members.  Again, the seller is in control of the price that he will accept at all times.


Buyers, sellers and other crowd members are swayed by the rhythmic cry of the auctioneer and calls from the ringmen who are bidding for the buyers.  Music sets the tone of the auction as buyers taunt themselves with “just one more bid”.  If you have never been to an auction, you will be amazed at the reaction of pure fun as the property brings more and more money. 


What is the best part of an Auction for me?


The best part of an auction for you, the seller is that the price always goes up in the negotiation process, unlike marketing on the open market where the price always goes down.


What is the cost to me?


Should you decide to take advantage of this exciting type of urgency-driven marketing and we reach a win-win for both you and your buyer at auction and the property sells, you will owe Poncher Auctions a total of $4,000.00 for our precise performance on and before auction. $1500.00 is paid at the time of the auction contract and $2500.00 is paid if we reach an acceptable agreement between you and a buyer.   At the time of the auction your home will not be in the MLS system, so you most likely will not pay a buyer’s agent.  This saves most homeowners enough money to pay for the cost of our auction program and still put money in their pocket. This substantial savings and the fact that 65% of all property auctions fetches 96% of appraised value and makes the auction method of marketing extremely powerful!


Although new to the market in Arizona, Poncher Auctions is a conceived plan of precision sales and marketing that has been in the works for over two years.  You and the entire Arizona market needs some excitement to get your house SOLD.  Why not create it today and give yourself a great chance to get your house SOLD in just about 2 weeks!



Because some houses don’t sell on the day of the auction it doesn’t mean the auction wasn’t successful.  Many times the property sells to someone who initially came to the auction, but needed several days or weeks of coaxing and negotiating with the buyer before the sale is finally put together.  What an auction does do that is so positive, is that it identifies buyers who are seriously interested in your home and believe it could be an asset to their life.  No other marketing method delivers what most homeowners believe to be the most important step in selling a home, which is driving buyers to your property with a sense of urgency to buy and buy now. 






     Results for Sellers…

           Perceived Buying Power for Buyers…

                   Fun for Everyone…..



When can you say you have been more excited about selling your home?



Give us a call at Poncher Auctions at 678-366-8039 for more information.














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