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"Poncher Realty's services were uncomplicated, professional and extrememly responsive. No hidden agendas or fees." Matt Roberts, Arizona

"This program is awesome!" Jim Himes, Brookhaven

"Would I use Poncher Realty again, you bet! My townhouse sold in 10 days." Sherry Butler, Dunwoody

A La Carte Marketing Services

Get the Highest Price for your Home

  1. A detailed strategy report and comparative market analysis to price your home competitively, but soundly for the optimum profit (this report includes for sale by owner sales, not your typical market analysis from agents);
  2. Strategy reports every 30 days to inform you of how many buyers are in your market;
  3. Home warranty during the listing period with no strings to purchase;
  4. Put a viewing counter on your ad on Realtor.com, the world’s largest home-buying website;
  5. Consultation about your home and what needs to be done to get it sold at a high price; see your home;
  6. Ideas on how to get buyers to stay in your home longer;
  7. Lessons on how to show and sell your home;
  8. Ideas on how to overcome the objections of your house or lot;
  9. Lessons on what questions to ask buyers to get them to put your house on the top of the list;
  10. 27 Point booklet on how to get your home sold;
  11. Coordinate a mortgage broker to hand hold unsure buyers and offer special financing;

Marketing Your Home to Buyers

  1. Link to your website on Realtor.com where you can display your own pictures. We put 6 pictures of your property automatically on the databases that we provide in our flat fee service;
  2. Your ad placed on 6 “public” (some paid) websites for home listings;
  3. For sale by owner buyer feedback;
  4. Notice of your home listing sent to 2 immediate neighborhoods;
  5. Your listing attached to all responses to buyers free search site for buyers and sellers;
  6. Build a website for marketing your home;
  7. Exclusive Prospective Buyer Marketing Program, call for details;
  8. Open Houses;
  9. Place heavy signage before open houses to bring in traffic;
  10. Follow up with attendees of open house;
  11. Personal calls to neighbors about your home being on the market;
  12. When buyers call about your home, we will email them your listing from Realtor.com;
  13. 100 renters called and told about your home;
  14. 100 renters sent a postcard about your home; Renters that are renting something equivalent to your home’s price
  15. Featured home on Realtor.com that comes up for anyone searching any price range in your county;
  16. Postcards sent to your neighbors announcing that your home is for sale;
  17. Flyers taken to 30 apartment complexes announcing your house for sale;
  18. Your home brochure sent to 100 people who are selling their home in a price range below yours;
  19. Your home flyer taken to new home subdivisions around your home;
  20. Flyers taken to hotel suites announcing your house for sale;
  21. Your flyer taken to corporation offices around your area;
  22. Display newspaper ads in Arizona Republic or any other paper;
  23. For Sale Home Guides ad;
  24. Arizona Republic Ad;
  25. Neighborhood Newspapers Ad;
  26. TV ad featuring your home on Ad Channel;
  27. The Story;
  28. Elegant custom sign on post;
  29. Custom information box;
  30. Additional signage that builds value about your home on the yard sign;

Marketing your Home to Get You the Highest Price When the Buyers are In Your Home

  1. Detailed listing comparisons prepared in a notebook for your marketing table (appraisal style);
  2. 2 letters from your neighbors wherein they give their opinion of your neighborhood for your marketing area in the home;
  3. Completion and review of your Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement;
  4. Display your Seller’s Disclosure in a notebook for your table;
  5. Pictures of surrounding parks, schools and amenities displayed in your marketing book;
  6. A letter written by you placed in your marketing book telling your buyers how much you love your home (you dictate-we write);
  7. Take home diskettes with pictures of your property on them for buyer’s review;
  8. 20 descriptive “details” cards for placement around your home to add value to upgrades which will either be tacked to the walls or hung on the walls in picture frames;
  9. Professional color flyer with 6 photographs and detailed text to build value in your home;
  10. Letter waiting on your buyers and their agent upon arrival in your home;
  11. Complete 5 features and benefits of each room list with seller;
  12. “Features and benefits” hand outs of each room to buyers at showings and open houses so that they can tour the home with a guide instead of a “quick tour”;
  13. Ages of kids in neighborhood report and where the school bus stops;
  14. Babysitter and pet sitter report for marketing table;
  15. Research the builder of your home and do a detailed business report for your marketing table;
  16. Detailed School Scores for your area for marketing table;
  17. Prepare a neighborhood evaluation report including for sale by owner sales;
  18. Social calendar for neighborhood displayed;
  19. Utility bills displayed;
  20. Map to grocery stores, mall and gas stations displayed;
  21. Detailed report of all major and minor maintenance items and repairs;
  22. Display of all season’s pictures of your home;

Marketing Your Arizona Home to Real Estate Agents

  1. Agent caravan;
  2. Agent lockbox for agent access;
  3. A customized 6 page presentation about the home sent to over 500 agents by e-mail;
  4. An agent e-mail advertisement about your home to all agents;
  5. Your home advertised to relocation companies and their buyers;
  6. Flyer sent to agents via their mailboxes at their offices;
  7. Offer an agent bonus program to entice buyer’s agents;
  8. Obtain Agent feedback with a give-away program;

Sometimes people are overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised by the amount of marketing that we can and will provide for our clients. Should you want to do several of these marketing services, you may either pay for each service as you go, or we will negotiate a percentage commission with you based on our current commitments to full service listings. And, if at any time you want to become more “full service” after you have paid for each service as you use them, you can upgrade your service with us. Poncher Realty of Arizona, where a one-time fee allows you to sell your house, your way with all the advantages of a real estate agent.

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