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"...the best selling experience ever. What great visibility for a small, small fee." Lee & Cindy Carbone, Cumming



"We saved close to $30,000 by selling our house through Poncher Realty." Michael Gunther, Arizona



"After being on the market for almost 4 months with no success, my listing with Poncher Realty sold my house in 8 weeks for almost 98% of asking price! Thank goodness I found Poncher Realty." Lisa Lockhart, Roswell

One-time fee

Multiple Listing Service – You will be immediately listed to sell your Arizona home! You are added to the MLS before we leave your home for sale, via our laptop computer. Thru the MLS real estate database over 40,000 real estate agents will know your Arizona home is for sale, get a detailed description of the property, see 6 photographs of the home, and know exactly what real estate commission you are willing to pay the real estate agent to bring you a home buyer – usually 2–3% of the sales price. And because of the savings on the listing side, you can get aggressive and offer 4% to the buyer's agent if you choose!

You can sell your home for around 1/2 of 1%!

Our fee structure follows:

30 Points of Service in an all encompassing marketing strategy! We beat traditional broker's marketing plans with our 30 points of service!

Network your home to over 40,000 agents for less money than traditional real estate fees AND have the ability to find your own buyer and pay no buyer's agent commission.

We even negotiate the contract!

Our program does not take confidence in selling ability when you are selling your own home. You only have to be involved in the process if you want to be involved. If you use our lockbox rental, our program becomes very safe for anyone to sell their home because we can read the lockbox to see who has been in your home if there is a problem!

And, we will do our very best to sell your home to buyers when they call about your home. We are an agent's best partner and the seller's best friend.

We are Arizona's #1 Flat Fee Solution!

We are Full Service Brokers for a Flat Fee!

We are a flat fee real estate broker. That means that for a one-time real estate flat fee of $500.00 paid at the time of listing your Arizona home for sale will be marketed in the following venues until your Arizona home is SOLD.

Multiple Listing Service – You will be immediately listed to sell your Arizona home! You are added to the MLS before we leave your home for sale, via our laptop computer. Thru the MLS real estate database over 38,000 real estate agents will know your Arizona home is for sale, get a detailed description of the property, see 6 photographs of the home, and know exactly what real estate commission you are willing to pay the real estate agent to bring you a home buyer – usually 2–3% of the sales price. And because of the savings on the listing side, you can get aggressive and

Exclusive Right to Sell with Open Listing – With this rare type of property listing, you are able to benefit from being listed yet still sell your home as a For Sale By Owner and pay no real estate commission if your buyer has not used a buyer’s agent. Simply stated, if a home buyer comes to you while you are on our program, and that buyer is not working with a real estate agent, no matter how they found you – thru the yard sign, one of the ads we build for you, or by referral – you pay no real estate commission! You’ll put that 2–3% buyer’s commission back in your own pocket. We won’t take it from you. A traditional real estate agent won’t give you that opportunity. If they set you up on a typical 6% commission, and there is no buyer’s agent present, the listing agent will just keep the whole 6% for themselves. This is way too much money to pay someone for just a few hours of work.

Realtor.com – The world’s #1 home searching website, where we customize your “Showcase Home” ad with 6 photos (instead of the usual one or none) and add copy to promote the features of your property you feel are most marketable. You know more about your property than anyone else, including full-priced agents. You just need better tools to tell your story. Realtor.com is one of those tools. And because we produce an oversized ad which includes custom banner headlines, scrolling marquees, color, and large text, we make your ad stand out from all the competing ads, getting your property noticed in a crowded real estate market. And it’s this extra effort and creativity that makes us stand apart from all the other real estate agencies, traditional or discount.

All other real estate companies’ websites – Your ad will appear on most large company and individual agent websites that search the MLS. Your home will appear courtesy of Poncher Realty. Don't be fooled by other companies, your home will appear on their website too while listed with us.

Relocation companies websites – You will be marketed to anyone moving into the area, their real estate agents and relocation companies.

For Sale By Owner Sites. If you have already contracted for exposure on these sites, you are encouraged to continue those listings until they expire. They provide added exposure and if you close a sale on your property as a result of a lead from a For Sale By Owner lead, you owe no Sales Commission other than your Listing commitment to Poncher Realty and we stay with you to negotiate the contract and complete the closing.

PoncherRealtyofArizona.com – Through this website visitors can view all of our active listings through a link to our homepage.

Durable metal yard sign – Standard real estate size with a professional finish. Our signs sport a very conservative logo that does not bring attention to the fact that you have a discounted listing. Unlike most of our competitors who don’t adhere to this same concern for your privacy, we don’t alienate the traditional agents that are bringing your buyers.

Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS)– The Arizona form, current required printing to be completed by Seller and handed to prospects.

Strategy Advice – Along the way, you may need strategy help. Call us between 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. for free advice from experienced real estate professionals.

Comparable Marketing Analysis – Pulled from the sold listings in one of the multiple listing services (upon request).

Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract –The form and all addendums that are needed to make your closing go smoothly. We will even assist buyers (not working with agents) fill out and submit the agreement when making their offer - keeping them from seeking agent representation and saving you the buyer’s agent commission!

Contract Negotiation – Whether your buyer comes with or without an agent, we will skillfully negotiate the contract on your behalf. We will do our utmost to help you achieve the highest price and best transaction possible for your property. We attend seminars and take regular ongoing classes to perfect our skills and build upon our years of real estate experience.

Opportunity to Upgrade to more advertising – Occasionally you just need a little more exposure or you may want to put a marketing idea into action. See our available "a la carte" services menu.

We can show your home when you can’t – When you are not available to show your home to a buyer that has not hired an agent, we can show the home for you. Ask for details.

We are in contact with over 120 corporations – We update them quarterly with our information to help them inform their employees that they can save money when purchasing one of homes without an agent.

Poncher Realty Savings Network! 20 vendors who will give Poncher Realty clients discounts to help them sell, close and move from their home.

The 50 Most Powerful Things You Can Do To Get Your House SOLD by Michael Poncher. A quick-start guide to getting your house sold for the highest price in the quickest amount of time!

Add your home to www.DesperateOwners.com. You must be a Poncher client to enter your home on this very powerful website.

One of our skilled listing experts will visit your home when you are ready to list to evaluate your selling strategy with you on how to stay on target in the home selling process.

24/7 customer support - with a secret Seller customer support website that will keep you in the loop and out of trouble. You will find tips on what to do next, forms that you need and ideas that you have never thought about implementing before. Superb customer service for $500.00 is our motto in our office and we mean it!

Access to Live Auction - opportunities where your home will the spotlight of the day with buyers! Auctions bring Action and you will have an opportunity to get your house Sold on your day, your way.

Pre-Qualify your buyers. We can pre-qualify your buyers through our preferred lender before they buy your home.

Feedback from 2nd time visitors/buyers- we will call your 2nd time viewers and ask them for feedback about your home. We will be looking for objections that we can overcome through creative analysis.

Rent or Lease-Purchase your home. At anytime that you want to offer other options to the market, you can add that to your strategy. We are one of the few companies in Arizona that will allow you flexibility to market your home with many strategies.

Flyer template - create your own flyer from our template where true value is exposed to the public while you tell your story. Many helpful hints are on this flyer template.

Customized Ads on every tool we use. We customize the MLS, Realtor.com, other agent's websites, and our for sale by owner sites.

We consider the upfront fee as payment to advertise your home.

At closing, we charge a small fee of .0034 (1/3 of 1%) of your sales price to negotiate your contract. Out of that .0034, we pay the MLS their fee and help you complete your transaction through closing.

Email your address and phone number now to get an appointment to get listed!

Popular Optional Services

Electronic Agent Lockboxes (Supra) can be rented during the listing period for $100.00.

Virtual Tour or Mega Slide Show! $250.00 will post your virtual tour on many websites! A professional photographer will shoot your home within 3 days of listing. You can use your photos on your flyers and even print a flyer from their website.

Inexpensive advertising in a real estate magazine! Place your ad in the Metro Residence Guide for only $35.00. This magazine has a wide distribution and is divided by zip codes.

We take the photos - 6 photos for $50.00. Pictures are taken at the initial appointment.

Take you to the competition - One of our buyer's agents will give you a comprehensive overview of your competition. The overview will consist of both of you going to see 5 competitor homes on the market in your area. The cost is $150.00 for 1½ hours.

Get Set to Sell Package - 2 hours with an interior designer, a pre-inspection with an inspector to identify any problems with your home and a virtual tour or 50-picture slide show. Ask your listing consultant for more details.

We offer more services for the price than any of our competitors. This unique and highly successful marketing program has helped an overwhelming number of our clients sell their properties and has made us the leader in our niche of the marketplace.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, checks and cash as payment for our services.

We can accommodate your payment needs with payment at closing of $2,000.00 in lieu of our $500.00 upfront fee.

Our guarantees:

We have a lowest price guarantee. We will beat any competitors’ advertised prices for the same services that we provide. You can’t find better service for a better price!

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Call for details.

If you are buying another home, you must see our Buyer Rebate Program where you can earn up to one-half of our commission at closing!

We will handle your listing as if it was our own.

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